Hoist yer Booty,

Uplift yer Life!


It’s yoga, Pilates, strength training, restorative physical therapy and circus rolled into one.
The one piece of equipment you could use to help your grandmother’s posture, your contractor friend’s sore lower back and shoulders, your teenage daughter gymnast ballerina, your friend recovering from a hip or knee injury and um… YOU!
Put your booty in the bag and you’ll see!

Low flying is still flying, savvy?
It lightens your load and creates space between your joints.
Some of the postures put you to sleep, others give you a core of steel.
This innocent looking hammock – swing gives you super powers!

Why fly?

Take a load off! Full or partially suspending your body in fabric creates space (I.e. traction) in your joints & this is good, even if you’re banged up, injured and yes, old. There’s truth in the ancient Chinese proverb, “you’re as old as your spine” (also hips, knees, shoulders).

Plus it feels good, is fun, gives you impressive core & all other muscles and provides an intriguing way option for performance.

This is NOT high flying circus work but can prepare you for that, too! This is low flying restorative fun.

Why Fly? Give it a try! And you tell us why!

Why the Booty Bag?

Why our Program?

How do I get a Booty Bag?

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