About Our Team


Aruna has been a teacher of movement for over 40 years, specializing in strength, world dance, yoga and aquatics before devoting her career to low flying fitness. Her first exposure to aerial training was in the late 80’s in San Francisco with Terry Sendgraff’s low flying single point trapeze in Berkeley. She’s been hooked on flying ever since.

In 1992 she worked on Cher’s Body Confidence Fitness video (she was Cher’s trainer on camera with the Dyna band workout). In 1994 she co-created a video on deep water exercise with the Aquajogger deep water buoyancy belt. Her trilogy of books on mind body fitness was published by Putnam – Perigee in 1995, ‘97 and ‘99. She also also self produced over 15 videos and DVD’s.

In 2006 she opened a fitness studio in San Anselmo, CA, where she soon installed a pole and aerial swings made of parachute material. She kept wishing the swings could do certain things but also discovered how wonderful it was to fly in a swing and pull on a pole! She soon met Pam Carter, who had just opened a pole studio and shared her swing pole idea. Together they teamed up to create the Fly Gym aerial swing, which were made at the fire fighter owned Fire Innovations in Petaluma, CA. They certified over 250 people in 4 continents before selling the company in 2016 to Trufusuion Fitness in Las Vegas, who, as far as we can tell, have done nothing with it!


Kelly has devoted over 30 years as a Natural Horsemanship and Rider Biomechanics Instructor.
She is the President of the International Society of Rider Biomechanics and the Lead Trainer and Accessor of the Instructor program.

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