Horse Rider Friendly Videos

Honestly, I was not a fan of yoga- and definitely didn’t want to try aerial yoga! It sounded scary… flying around like something from Cirque de Soleil!

I was basically dragged to my first aerial yoga class. What I found out feet were on the ground the whole time! The swing was just there as a support system so that I could get into stretches that I could never do before…as well as strengthen muscles that I had never felt before!
I was hooked. Now my goal is to bring riders to this amazing tool. This swing is fun and anyone can do it…bad backs, knees, hips… you name it.  
These first three videos are focused on getting you started safely in the swing. The focus is lower back, balancing your weight- which your horse will definitely appreciate- and beginning to develop core strength. In the last video, we focus on hip and IT stretches… which many riders have issues with. So get ready to have some fun and feel alot better in less than ten minutes!
Namaste Horsemanship
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