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Low Flying Yoga Fitness Instructor Program

The goals of this instructor program are to give students a basic fitness foundation that allows you to apply this to all aspects of your life. There is no required background experience or knowledge to started with our program, anyone who is interested and dedicated to do it!

The Booty Bag Training is in 4 parts. 
Part 1 builds your foundation of flying and is our most important component. If you choose to stop after part 1, you’ll have a solid basis for using a Booty Bag aerial yoga hammock (and other aerial hammocks). 
For, $300 ($150 for Sept to Oct 15) you get a 3 Part Manual and 13 videos in sequence to follow along with the manuals.
In addition you get 2 Facetime appointments, with Aruna to ask questions and teach a mini sample class. 
You’ll receive a certificate of completion and 14 Continuing Ed Credits from NFPT, the National Federation of Personal Trainers. This doesn’t mean you’ll know how to teach everything right away. Depending on your experience and learning style, it could take a while. We suggest starting with the moves that make the most sense to you and sharing with friends. 
We believe in mastering your hammock basics before moving onto the other parts, so stay turned in 2019 for Parts 2, 3 & Wall!
Level 1

Tools used: Booty Bag
It keeps things simple for the instructor and the student.  It allows you to build a strong foundation and addresses all fitness levels.

What is it?
A combination of stretch and strength training.

What will I learn?
• How to leverage body weight
• The holding points of the body
• Benefits and caveats of suspended exercise and how to work with different populations (ex: those that are not fit versus fit/senior/queen or king sized folks/people with physical disabilities and amputies)
• Basics that cover all flying
• 16 sequences using open swing and all three level heights of closed swing
• Understanding of the progressions, transitions, insider secrets that keep it simple and easy

Coming in 2019:

Level 2

We now add the loops and the wrist straps.  This multiplies the possibilities!  You will learn to use them separately or together

Level 3

Tools used: Booty Bag, Loops, Wrist Wraps
This is where we explore the fixed point…By level 3, you have learned the fixed point of push (the floor and the wall)  In level 3, you will add the fixed point of pull on a horizontal and vertical or any other fixed barre. Your swing is now your spotter for advanced training.

Wall Training

This is our simplest program and most inviting for beginners. It can be done on its own or added to a level program.  Wall training doubles the value of your investment of the Booty Bag!


Are you curious what to charge for classes? The current average is $15 per head per class (less if they buy packages). 

But it depends on your market. In NY or LA, $25 is an average. In smaller cities and towns we can go as low as $10 depending on your split with the host studio! 


Sign up here, fill the form, pay by PayPal and then we’ll send you the access code to get manuals & view videos.

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