with Aruna & Kelly (Booty Bag Mamas)

Aerial for Everyday People!

Our low flying approach to aerial could work for your mother, your child, your husband with his tight lower back and best of all, for you and your clients. You don’t need to be an aspiring aerialist to benefit from shifting your relationship to gravity!

Level 1 addresses basic stress relieving and core building moves you can do just with our comfortable Booty Bag hammock swing. And gives you the confidence to teach it in private or group classes. Our learn one, do one, teach one approach will develop your teaching skills.

• $450 early bird, sign up by Feb 1. $500 after
• includes our online certification
• $20 discount on Booty Bag swing

When: Feb 15-16, 2019 • Time: 9am – 4pm
Where: Half Moon Studio, 859 Old Tory Trail, Aiken, S. Carolina 29801
To sign up contact Kelly at or call 803-522-4395

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