The Booty Bag was created by two women who love to fly low! Aruna Andes is the co-creator of the Fly Gym aerial swing and its certification program, dating back to 2010. That company was sold in 2016 to another company who abandoned it… all of which was beyond her control.

Kelly Sigler Patterson is the creator of Namaste Horsemanship and a rider biomechanics professional under Colleen Kelly. Kelly was extremely hesitant to fly at all and avoided it for years despite the persistence of one of her best friends, Beverly Foster. After another friend suggested her previous injuries were causing her muscle tightness, she finally agreed to try it. Once in the bag, she realized how EASY it was to get into the correct positions since the swing acted as a personal spotter. Functioning like a bridge, it supports you while you develop and build muscle . After one session in the swing and then a session riding, it was obvious how dramatically- and quickly- the swing can help your body makes the changes that it needs. Riders saw improvement in posture, strength, and flexibility. Riding just got a whole lot easier and less painful for many clients thereafter!

They needed a swing source. Not to be daunted by the death of Fly Gym or a copycat swing that was selling for $600, they put their “we can do that” attitudes together and started manufacturing, keeping the best ideas (safety in outstanding craftsmanship) and tweaking the rest.

The Booty Bag gets its name from one of our favorite “holds,” which lead to “Put your booty in the Bag.” Aruna has also been a long time pirate tour guide and entertainer… so of course plundering the Booty was a natural. And you can’t say Booty Bag without a smile!

What is the difference between the “Booty Bag” and the other options?

If you’re wondering about the difference between buying an aerial silks hammock (made of tricot nylon) or a “yoga trapeze” (made of parachute material), the main difference is the durable cotton poly blend stretches & conforms to you, making it much more comfortable. That being said, each apparatus lends itself to different types of moves. If you get a chance to compare them, you’ll see!

Experience has taught us that it’s best for people to buy the main swing-hammock-bag and get familiar with all it has to offer! Few people actually use the other pieces. So why pay for what you don’t need? (At one point, the Fly Gym set included 13 pieces…a recipe for A.D.D). The Booty Bag is machine washable and you can throw it on the dryer- comes out perfect every time. But, the loops and handles can up your game. If you want them, we’ll be releasing them soon.

So go ahead, put your Booty in our Bag and you’ll begin to experience your booty and the rest of you in a brand new way!

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