Teacher Training Level 1 Videos

The 13 videos in Level 1 match the photos in Parts 2 and 3 of the Level 1 Manual. In addition to watching all the videos in the teacher training, please watch all the intro videos on bootyinthebag.com, which feature several open bag, hammock style exercises, great for beginners.

To enhance your learning and become more fluent in this language of low flying, we recommend you watch a video, then do it while watching it, then do it without watching… Then try to teach it, even to an invisible student. Repetition is the Mother of Mastery. What? Repetition is the Mother of Mastery!

Yes, we know it’s better to be in the room with a teacher during training but it’s not always feasible or affordable.
And online, we come to you and you get to rewind and repeat… not so easy in reality.

When you have completed the course to your satisfaction, create a FaceTime appointment with Aruna so you can try out your teaching skills, ask questions, and be inducted into the hall of fliers!

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